Sample Email Banner Ad

Sample Email Banner Ad

A mockup of what I might use as an email banner ad.


Major Study Ideas, Or: Feeling Colour Feelings

In the spirit of sharing the creative process, I’m going to divulge the holiest of holies: major study ideas. Tonight I got home from an assisting job and jumped straight on the Pinterest, keen to soak up some pictures. I don’t know how it happened. All of a sudden I had a Major Study folder, and had gathered 83 reference images, and had a vague concept.

This concept is currently being articulated as: a modernist hard edged take on Tim Walker-cum-Paolo Roversi, crazy shapes, motion blur, single colour images in pastels and reds and whites, studio fashion/beauty/portraits with blank expressions and awkward poses.

Yeah!? You getting me? No? Okay. It makes a pretty picture in my head, but in words it’s not quite so elegant. Let me tell you how it’s told best: photos! Editorials pulled from all over the place to form a big, bad mood board. If you steal my idea, I will falcon punch you. Or maybe I will just make a pouty face at you and talk about you behind your back. I’m totally kidding, that’s ridiculous. Sharing ideas! Yay!