I made a LinkedIn Profile, you guys.

I made a LinkedIn Profile, you guys.

Besides the fact that this was a component of a subject on interactive media that I’m taking, I think making a LinkedIn profile was actually a pretty smart move. It’s much more geared towards skills and experiences. To be honest, I’ve seen the LinkedIn thing floating around the internet for ages, but never bothered to make an account.

As soon as I signed up, I was offered a bunch of connections, some actually very relevant. For instance, photographers I’ve worked for in the past and fallen out of contact with, fellow students, other emerging photographers, stylists, etcetera.

I added everyone that I thought would be interesting to ‘network’ with. Hopefully if I update often enough with projects, I will be able to do something meaningful with this social media… It can be a bit crazy with all the different platforms, and you really have to commit to get something out of it. You have to provide good content and contribute.

Now, to try and write myself up a profile that is something more than the ordinary. My brain isn’t feeling cooperative right now but we’ll give it a go.


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