Choosing Images for an online Portfolio

The dilemma – what to choose? How to represent your work whilst you are still a student? How to pick images you wouldnt want to cringe at when you see your own work in two years? Yeesh, I do that at pictures I’ve taken a month ago.

To keep things coherent, I’m going to have to choose images which fit together visually and thematically. Easy, right? Wrong.

I might group my images into Fashion Folio 1, 2, and a specific Beauty category. The beauty category is going to sit empty for a while, until I can take some really strong, well lit beauty shots in the studio which may well be part of my major study project this year.

I have a few images I can use for the fashion folios, and hopefully will have a much stronger folio by the end of the year after completing my major study and fashion assignments.

Fashion Folio 1 will be fun, bright, and eccentric:


Adele Cochrane PhotographySarah Jerk Styling-398Adele Cochrane Photography

Adele Cochrane PhotographyPortrait Assignment_0164 as Smart Object-1 Adele Cochrane PhotographyFashion Folio 2 will be dark, sombre and minimal.

Adele Cochrane Photography lace freckle 621469_255970461192806_1307831426_o tumblr_m716ym2qs11rqto6ko1_1280 tumblr_m3lsxe7P9e1rqto6ko1_r1_1280 tumblr_m3t1ajpiz41rqto6ko1_r2_1280


4 thoughts on “Choosing Images for an online Portfolio

  1. Will you cringe at the photo, or the subject matter? If it’s going to be an online portfolio, the joy would be to create an archive folder, to which out of date work would go into. I’d guess?

    • You make a great point… I will probably cringe at both know my skill level and sophistication goes up a little 😉 The beauty of the internet is that its instantly updateable.

    • Oh, me too! I can kinda group things by colour, but they are kinda all from the same shoots. I realised i have barely shot anything folio worthy since last year… Hello fashion on liaison, please gimme something good!

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