The Five Year Plan

I want to be a serious emerging Melbourne fashion photographer within the next 5-6 years. I want to be photographing for magazines like:

to begin with.

As an overall career ambition I want to work for publications like

I chose these publications for their avant garde, intelligent approach to fashion and art. They do not have a strong commercial focus. Rather they conduct themselves as cultural resources. I like this respectful approach to fashion as an art form, not a mass-production driven industry.

So… how do I get there?

I have a preliminary plan. Past that, I don’t know how to progress simply because I lack the industry knowledge and experience. I don’t know how a good photographer becomes an industry leader, an artist in their own right. This is something I will have to learn through living and breathing it. 

It also means I will have to master my craft until I am so technically excellent that I can’t be ignored.

The plan so far:

  1. Complete my Diploma of Photoimaging with a strong fashion//beauty/art folio. (In Progress)
  2. Get my foot in the door with an assisting position with a relevant local photographer.
  3. Build this relationship and meet other industry professionals that I can go on to work with and for.
  4. Impress the hell out of them with my hard work, perseverance, ambition and innovation.
  5. Save enough to buy my own lighting equipment and professional photography kit.
  6. Get to the stage where I am doing at least one test shoot for a leading Melbourne agency per week. Examples: Vivien’s Creative, Chadwick’s Models, Next Models
  7. Submit shoots to the first batch of magazines mentioned and keep submitting until I get one published.

And then… and then who knows? That is what I need to find out. I think as I progress through the first 7 steps, the next few will be revealed to me.

Steps one and two are in progress… and I will be updating as time goes on and I tick more stages off the list!



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